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Headhunters Shutters on Red River

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Bar Rescue's brilliant plan to rebrand Red River bar Headhunters as steampunk lounge Metal & Lace turned out to be short-lived. The bar shuttered Wednesday according to The Austin Chronicle, who received an allegedly hostile confirmation from owner Steve Ricci.

A hostile Ricci declined comment, citing legal reasons and a personal hatred for the Chronicle ("sucking cock backwards and only caring about themselves"), then asked me to leave. Appealing on the grounds that I'm a musician who's performed at his venue on more than a couple occasions, he acknowledged that the club was now closed and that he has nine locations he's considering for a future venue site.
The Statesman notes that Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer called Headhunters "the worst bar in America, rife with roaches, mold and the smell of cat pee;" Headhunters appeared on the show in February of 2013. Redditors are already performing a post mortem.
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Headhunter's Brief Rebrand as Metal & Lace. [Photo: Jenna W/Yelp]

Headhunters (Metal and Lace)

720 Red River St Austin, TX 78701