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Cuvee's New Cafe Will Serve Beer; Houndstooth's Espresso Tasting Menu; Plucker's Founders Do Banh Mi

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EAST SIXTHCuvee's new coffee shop will also feature beer, according to Zagat. They'll serve a their own coffee and espresso, and feature 12 taps for beer and their own Black and Blue cold brew. [Zagat]

DOWNTOWNHoundstooth's downtown location will launch a special three-course espresso tasting menu on Saturdays, for $20. Interested patrons can sit at their just-built bar and sample three different espresso. [Eaterwire]

ANTICIPATED OPENINGS — CultureMap rounds up their six anticipated openings of the summer, including a banh mi shop called Dang Banh Mi. The three entrepreneurs behind Plucker's are aiming to open "the best Banh mi house in Austin" using recipes from one of Vietnam's most iconic banh mi stands. Sure, why not. [CultureMap]

[Photo: Meghan McCarron/EATX]

Cuvee Coffee

2000 East 6th Street Austin TX