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Ten of Odam's Favorite Tacos; Biriyani Pot Spicy & Tasty

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Photo: Veracruz/Facebook

Matthew Odam lists ten of his favorite tacos for The Statesman this week, from high-end options at La Condesa and Odd Duck to classics like Rosita's Al Pastor. On his number one pick Veracruz All Natural:

What's so special? Broad slivers of feathered avocado fanned across a heap of fluffy steaming eggs and gooey cheese that ensnares crunchy tortilla strips. What else: perfect salt-and-pepper balance and fantastic homemade tortillas. Pair it with an agua fresca from the trailer that started as a fruit and sno-cone stand on Cesar Chavez Street about seven years ago.
The review references City Grocery's John Currence's recent praise for Veracruz. Odam also wonders aloud why Tacodeli doesn't "stay open into the evening or have a dozen more locations," which is an excellent question [Statesman]

Mick Vann visits Houston import Biryani Pot for The Chronicle. On the entrees:

The House Special Chicken Curry ($8.99) is tender chunks bathed in a rich, tangy tomato spice sauce of onion and curry leaf, with fennel, cardamom, and coriander. From the vegetarian side of the menu, we went with the Malai Kofta ($8.99), three large, airy dumplings of potato, cheese, and cashew nuts, swimming in a complex, spicy, tomato-tinted korma sauce of cream and cashews, onion, cumin, and turmeric; it's a classic Mughlai special occasion dish.
Vann's concludes by urging readers to go check out this affordable and authentic restaurant. [Chronicle]

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