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Virginia Wood: The Hightower Needs to 'Find Its Groove'

Photo: Hightower/Facebook

Virginia Wood reviews East 7th newcomer The Hightower this week, where she finds promising food and service miscalculations. On the food:

My hanger steak ($17) arrived medium rare, with slices arranged on a flavorful avocado puree. The meat was excellent, but the accompanying fries were a total loss. The potatoes weren't particularly crispy to begin with, and as they cooled, the cheddar and cotija cheeses on top congealed into a grainy, unappetizing glop. Bear in mind this steak will only be served medium rare; temperature requests and substitutions are politely declined.
Wood also notes that the restaurant does not offer bread or dessert as cost-saving measures, moves she calls "amateur missteps." She is hopeful the restaurant will improve going forward, since chef Chad Dolezal has a "skilled hand." [Chronicle]

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The Hightower

1209 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702