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Game of Thrones at The North Door; Punch Bowl Social Rumormongering; Vaca Y Vino

EAST FIFTH — The North Door is hosting a free Game of Thrones watch party this Sunday, April 6. They'll offer drink specials like "A Song of Ice and Fireball," and drinks are only $2 for anyone in costume. The event starts 7, which the show premiering at 8. The watch parties will run every Sunday throughout the season. [Eaterwire]

RUMORMONGERING— Denver-based Punch Bowl Social, an upscale bowling alley with a focus on comfort food and, yes, punch, is officially coming to Detroit, and Austin could be next. Eater Detroit ran the following picture from the company's website, which features "coming soon" next to both Detroit and Austin. An a North Austin location has previously been rumored. [Eater Detroit]

WIMBERLY — A reminder that meat-centric fest Vaca Y Vino is this Sunday, April 6. Chefs Lou Lambert, Emmett Fox, and Larry McGuire will cook up an Argentine-inspired feast for $125, including a shuttle out to The Bridges ranch. Tickets are still on sale. [Eaterwire]

The North Door

502 Brushy St Austin, TX 78702