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The Early Word on Rum Heaven Pleasant Storage Room

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Photo: Shannon Kintner/EATX

Rum centric cocktail bar Pleasant Storage Room opened officially for real last week, after several weeks of soft openings. The project from rum whisperer Alfonso Hernandez and chef Paul Hargrove is definitely focused on the drinks, but it features a large selection of pan-Carribean street food-inspired plates as well. Several local media outlets, as well as a number of Yelpers, have sampled this new rum destination. Check out the early word below.

THE ATMOSPHERE NEWS — The ceviche, tropical drinks, and "easy going atmosphere" are all hits with Layne Lynch, who first looks for Zagat. "The atmosphere is where Pleasant Storage Room comes out swinging. The interior looks like Cuba at the turn of the century, awakened with nautical, flora-and-fauna elements like still life paintings, a giant wall-mounted Marlin, a sprawling ceviche bar, glass bowls full of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits, tea lights with wicker borders and other clean, meaningful details." [Zagat]

THE A-AIIGHT NEWSElite Yelper Keri B. says most of what they sampled was "just OK." "IDK, I would like to try more items here and get more Jerk, but honestly when faced with the option on a Sunday again, I would pick Peche where it's all day HH and drinks are $5 and apps are cheap." [Yelp]

THE FRIENDS & FAMILY NEWS — Gracie Salem recaps the friends & family opening for The Chronicle. On the drinks: "he center of the bar drew guests to an "overproof" rum punch bowl and colorful glass punch cups where they could indulge in a concoction based on a paste of raw sugar, bitters, and citrus oil called Oleo Saccharum, that is then enhanced with spirits, liqueurs, teas, and fortified wine. Gathering around the bowl to sample this libation created communal fun and the drink certainly lived up to its name with the power it packed." [Chronicle]

THE RUM NEOPHYTE NEWSYelper Amy D. was seriously impressed by the rum drinks. "Before trying Pleasant Storage Room the only rum drinks I have had were rum and Coke, mojitos and frozen too sweet daiquiris. While they do serve said items they do so with class and also serve an array of other drinks using high quality rums. From the Na Pali Death Toll with citrus wedge lit on fire to the thirst quenching Papa Bois with rum, apple brandy, vodka, fresh lemon and OJ, bitters with a hint of lemon none of the drinks disappointed." [Yelp]

THE FABULOUS NEWS — Local blogger Hungry Girl hits Urban Spoon to say she's a huge fan. "Some highlights were their Planter's Punch, their Plantanas, or plantains served with coconut guacamole (great combo!), grilled scotch bonnet salsa, and curried black beans, as well as their Napali Death Tuna ceviche, served with passion fruit, salted cashews, candied habanero syrup, thai basil, and lemon hart--delicious." [Urban Spoon]

THE FOCUSED NEWSChowhounder Tom in Austin called their cubano "sublime," and digs the serious drinks program. "I don't think I've ever seen as much meticulous focus in libation preparation - a friendly intensity. And the results were yummy, although I know very little about rum, which PSR specializes in." [Chowhound]
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The Pleasant Storage Room

208 W 4th St Ste D, Austin, TX 78701 512-322-9921

Pleasant Storage Room

208 W. Fourth St., Austin, Texas