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LaV's Anti-'Egotarian' Cuisine; Tapasitas Charms

Photo: LaV/Facebook

Patricia Sharpe at Texas Monthly visits East 7th wine mecca LaV this month. Sharpe is a fan of the welcoming and anti-"egotarian" Provencal cuisine, which she argues forms a perfect counterpoint to the epic wine list. On the food:

[The bouillabaisse] was an agreeable dish, though for all the trouble it must be to make, it was much less impressive than the fabulous pan-roasted Massachusetts cod, a pristine filet capped with deeply caramelized skin. In fact, fish overall seems to be a strength. I was swept off my feet by the whole dourade, a fragile-fleshed white fish mounded with olives and a fantastic fennel-and-preserved-lemon confit that was mellow and pungent all at once.
Sharpe appreciates the restaurant's ability to appeal to everyday diners as well as big wine spenders. [Texas Monthly]

Claudia Alarcó n is a fan of Tapasitas, the relaunch of Jezebel's more casual cousin in what was formerly Bar Mirabeau. On executive chef Jessica Wagnon's cuisine:

Executive chef Jessica Wagnon worked as sous chef at Braise (another one of Vora's projects) and later at Vora's Restaurant Jezebel before being picked to run Tapasitas. That's proven to be a wise choice. The young chef is creative, but respectful of ingredients' flavors and textures, letting them shine simply without too many fussy combinations. That said, her presentations are artistic, and each plate we saw was visually appealing and appetizing.
Alarcon also praises veteran booze whisper Jeff Boley's cocktails. [Chronicle]
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