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Veracruz's Migas Taco Blew Mayor Leffingwell's Mind

Mando Rayo and Mayor Lee Leffingwell.
Mando Rayo and Mayor Lee Leffingwell.
Photo: The Lee Team/Twitter

Austin's resident taco evangelists Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece introduced Mayor Lee Leffingwell to the glory that is the migas taco today. The taco jouranlists presented the mayor with a copy of their book, as well as one of the tacos featured within: Veracruz All Natural's stellar migas taco.

The mayor declares via Twitter, "The taco I tried was one of the best I've ever had" and "This is not an ordinary taco! I was surprised that migas could be in a tortilla instead of on a plate." The Mayor previously admitted on Reddit that his favorite tacos come from Taco Cabana and Taco Shack.
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Veracruz All Natural

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