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More Details on Gelateria Gemelli's Cold Treats & Amaros

Photo: Corazon/Official/EATX

Andrew Sabola wondered why, in a city where temperatures regularly shoot above 100 degrees, the East Austin restaurant boom didn't include options for cold treats. He prefers gelato's clean and light taste to traditional ice cream, and when he and co-conspirator Meghan Erwin went to "gelato school" in Bologna, Gelateria Gemelli was born. The new gelateria in the Corazon apartments could open as soon as October.

Sabola tells Eater he plans to serve traditional gelato with simple flavors.

Before we left for Italy, we tried to think of clever combinations, but best flavor I had in Rome was walnut. With gelato, you get two to three flavors together, creating your own combinations. I prefer that approach to creating, say, a bacon candied walnut bourbon flavor.
The gelateria will serve limited alcohol, focused on amaros selected in part by Qui bartender Rachel DelRocco. Forager consultant Valerie Broussard is helping them to source high-quality ingredients.

Sabola is originally from Boston, and both his grandfather and uncle were in the restaurant business. He cites them, as well as empire-builder Barbara Lynch as his inspirations to leave his finance job for something with more "soul." Sabola is the sole owner, and Erwin, a local food stylist and recipe developer, is acting as a consultant. Gemelli means "twins" in Italian; Sabola says he chose the name because "Meghan Erwin and I are both Geminis and often end up dressing like twins."
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Gelateria Gemelli

1000 E. 5th Street Austin TX