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Vivo's Shutter Reveals Vintage 'Cafe Armageddon' Sign

[Photos: Meghan McCarron/EATX]

The Vivo Restaurant Group is being sued by their former landlords for allegedly severely vandalizing their building, and it appears work is underway on the building. While the graffiti the suit claims was tagged by the former tenants is not visible on the exterior, the renovation unveiled an Austin restaurant artifact: a sign for the building's first restaurant tenant, Cafe Armageddon.

According to a Chronicle review from 1996, the restaurant served "eclectic cuisine in a casual, nuclear age atmosphere," including dishes like "Pre-emptive Strike Salad" and "Nuclear Shrimp." Reviewer Rebecca Chastenet de Gery found the food "missed the mark," and the Chronicle later reported the restaurant was replaced by Calabash Caribbean Restaurant in 1998, and, eventually, Vivo. Take a look at the current state of the restaurant space below.

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