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Vivo Sued By Former Landlords for Alleged Vandalism

Shuttered Tex Mex restaurant Vivo is being sued by their former landlord for allegedly vandalizing their building and destroying key aspects of the infrastructure, The Statesman reports. According to court documents obtained by the paper, the owners of the building claim Vivo missed multiple rent payments, and when the landlords moved to terminate the lease, reportedly the situation got ugly. According to court documents:

Tenant drove sledgehammers through the walls; cut the lines to the HVAC system; and left excrement in the building. . . [Vivo representatives] graffitied the premises, ripped up the wooden deck and patio, and damaged the furnishings, windows and bar frame.
Vivo blamed an "ongoing dispute with the property owners" on Facebook when announcing the shutter and promised to reopen in a new location. The restaurant could not be reached for comment.
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