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Time to Go Eat and Drink on a Patio; Barbecue Expansion Statewide; Fried Pudding, Trendy?

AL FRESCO WIRE — It's slated to be in the seventies all weekend, which means it's time to go eat and drink outside. Now is the time to peruse Eater's epic, and recently updated, patio map. [Eaterwire]

ZOMG BBQ EXPANSION — Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn goes long on the new wave of barbecue expansion happening around the state. He mentions Austin-area expansions like Cooper's and Terry Black's Barbecue. Mainly, Vaughn wonders if the move away from "the attitude that a second location would be irresponsible, or even disrespectful to the original" is a good thing. [TMBBQ]

FRIED PUDDING WIREZagat goes long wondering if fried pudding is the "next big thing." The article traces the history of fried milky desserts, as well as current incarnations at Perla's and Congress, as well as Uchiko. The trend piece concludes, "something tells us that fried pudding has the potential to be a handheld dessert, in the vein of donuts or cupcakes." [Zagat]
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