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Whislers Collaborative Culture; Chefs' Favorite Breakfast Tacos; Another Pointless Listicle

EAST SIXTH — Whislers owner Scranton Twohey empowers his bartenders to collaborate on the bar's menu and culture. The Chronicle profiles the bar's unique approach, as well as its focus on creating more affordable craft cocktails. [Chronicle]

BREAKFAST TACO WIREThe Austin Food and Wine Festival asks participating chefs for their breakfast taco recommendations. The extremely respectable list includes Mi Madre's, Taco More, and La Fruita Feliz. [Austin Food & Wine]

LISTICLEWIRE — For the superhuman who can stomach yet another pointless Austin listicle that includes both Gourdough's and Franklin Barbecue, LA Confidential magazine rounds up "The Best Austin Restaurants That Started as Food Trailers." Spoiler alert: there are only four restaurants on the list, and one of them, Qui, did not even start as a trailer. [LA Confidential]
[Photo: Whislers/Facebook]


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