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Five Great Austin Restaurant 'Missed Connections'

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Spring has sprung, and starry-eyed Austinites are falling in love with each other left and right at local restaurants, if Craigslist is to be believed. HEB may have a lock on fostering the greatest number of missed connections, but there's plenty of unrequited love in the air in Austin's dining establishments, from the Four Seasons to Tacodeli. Read on for the best in dining-related crushes.
1. TOO SHY FOR SALSATorchy's Taco, w4w: "You brought my order to me and my bro and I felt an attraction. You asked if I needed anything else. I couldn't talk cuz I got shy so my bro asked for poblano sauce. You walked away and turned back and smiled cuz I couldn't take my eyes off you."

2. ALL SEASONS ROMANCEFour Seasons, m4w: "We saw each other on Saturday night. I'm pretty sure I have a serious crush on you. And in all honesty, I'm pretty sure it's been there since we last saw each other (the crush), but since we actually got to hang out a bit this time around, I'm afraid it's confirmed. Of course, both of us being married does not make this very damn easy. I guess I just had to get it 'out there'."

3. CRUSHIN' ON THE WAITRESS, NOT CREEPY EDITIONRedhead Waitress at Bouldin Creek - m4w (Bouldin Creek Cafe) "I have a huge crush on you and simply can't tell you for fear that you would reject me as some weird stalker/creeper. Every time I'm in there while you are working, I simply can't take my eyes off of you - it creeps ME out that I stare at you, but I simply can't and don't want to look away - you stir that burning in my chest and I start to daydream about traveling with you, holding your hand, kissing your cheek and hugging on you. I want to believe that maybe you feel the same about me because you catch me looking at you and seem to look at me a little longer than a normal gaze.... Maybe you feel the same way(?), maybe I creep you out(?). I have to look away because I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or have you think I some creeper... Please understand that I'm not a weird-o stalker/creeper - I just think you are soooo pretty."

4. HANGOVER CUREStuffing your face at tacodeli - w4m (n. lamar) "I was waiting for my potato egg and cheese to-go taco and was being really lazy and hungover and asked you if I could sit on your extra stool at your 2 top. . had a seattle mariners flat brim, black jeans, black hoodie with a couple safety pins on the hood, and black chucks (can you tell I checked you out?). I have black hair done up in heidi braids and an army jacket. I took your seat when you left and though about my butt sitting where your butt was (is that weird? ha) and how i should have talked to you."

5. U-TURN INTO BURGER TEXwhite guy on Burger Tex 2 - m4m - 24 (Burger Tex 2) "It was a little after afternoon and early evening lol, I was already order my burger and I saw you walked from south to north by the burger tex 2 store. I just happened to look to my left and we just looked each other at the same time. I thought that just a random situation, but you dropped of your stuff at you truck parked at the front of Antone's then make a turn to the Burger Tex. I didn't expect you to sit next to my table next to me."

Torchy's Tacos

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