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Vote for Austin's Best Pizza; Update! Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza is the Winner

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Austin boasts a wealth of great pizza options that are getting better every day, but what's a food theme week without some arbitrary competition? Eater will be running polls every day this week in order to determine who has the best pizza in Austin, period.

The four remaining competitors have made it all the way to the finals, and the winner of this poll will be crowned the best pizza in Austin. The showdown between Conan's, Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza, Little Deli and, since there was no clear choice for the dark horse, number four vote-getter Via 313 starts right now.

Voting ends at 5:00 p.m CT., when the Best Pizza in Austin (as chosen by internet poll) will be crowned.

Update! Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza has been voted the best pizza in Austin.

Poll results

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