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Austin: How Do You Feel About Calzones?

Little Deli's calzone.
Little Deli's calzone.
Photo: Ryan B./Yelp

Welcome to Eater's Calzone Power Hour. Eater will be posting nonstop about all things calzone-related in honor of pizza week, from expert opinions to expert shade-throwing, and of course a guide to the best bets around town.

Calzone expert Tony Villani of Little Deli will define a calzone and its charms in a few minutes, but first: a poll. How do you, Austinite, feel about calzones? Take the highly scientific survey below.

Have any strong calzone-y feelings? Hit the comments or the tipline. The truly passionate will appear during the course of this Power Hour.
Update! The polls have closed. Turns out many Austinites (or the 47 who responded to our poll) have warm feelings toward calzones. Check out the results below.

Poll results

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