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Watch Kimmel's Cousin Punk Kebabalicious Patrons, Part 2

Jimmy Kimmel may not still be filming in Austin, but he is not through messing with the city. Last night, the second half of 'Cousin Sal's hidden camera antics at downtown's Kebabalicious trailer aired. Kimmel's cousin, comedian Sal Iacono, poses as an employee of the trailer who makes ridiculous demands of the customers.

First, a patron asks for "no tomatoes," and Sal tells her that it will be $1.25 extra for no tomatoes, $2.25 to include them, and $1.75 if she picks them off herself. Sal hassles the next customer about who he's really ordering a sandwich for. When the man says, "Get a manager, because you're acting like an idiot," Sal comes back wearing a fake mustache. Watch the full clip below.


450 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701