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La Barbecue's LeAnn Mueller Makes a Giant Check, Claims It's For Brother John Mueller's 'Debts'

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Photo: La Barbecue/Twitter

The Mueller family barbecue feud heated up on social media this weekend when LeAnn Mueller's La Barbecue trailer threw a party to celebrate paying off what they allege are brother John Mueller's debts. The centerpiece? A giant check for $68,275 with a note that reads: "Go Fuck Yourself John Mueller HELL YAY!!!" Their Facebook posting refers to Mueller as a "dead beat brother."

John Mueller was ousted from the business in October of 2012, and LeAnn Mueller told Eater at the time that, "He decided to mismanage again." John Mueller went on to open his own trailer, John Mueller Meat Co in February of 2013. On Sunday John Mueller tweeted, "So classy" and "If I didn't own anything how is it my debt...."

Both Muellers are the grandchildren of pitmaster Louie Mueller, whose eponymous Taylor barbecue restaurant is now run by third sibling Wayne Mueller. Louie Mueller Barbecue's twitter account responded to the La Barbecue party tweet with: "Ah yes. The Sullivan Salute ... When a card alone just can't say it all..." The full tweets are below.

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