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Driver Pulls Hit and Run on South First Food Court

Photo: South First Food Court/Facebook

A mural and solar pump station were damaged when an out-of-control driver pulled a hit and run at the South First Food Court Saturday night. According to their Facebook page, around 1:30 in the morning:

A 90s model white or beige Buick Station wagon with that fake wooden paneling and with partial plate .....DN9 and missing a Buick hood ornament which we have.......going north on S. 1st crossed oncoming traffic, took out some shrubs and demolished the chicken with Lee Ann Atherton's picture on it. Then, he hit the Solar Pump Station spinning it almost 180 degrees. The driver plowed into the back of the big music mural
Reddit Austin has another eyewitness report as well as more photos of the damage.
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South First Food Court

603 W. Live Oak, Austin, Texas 78704