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Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Punk Kebabalicious Patrons

Jimmy Kimmel continued his tear across Austin's food world with some good old-fashioned customer pranking last night. Kimmel's cousin Sal Iacono, who Kimmel describes as "our resident rabble-rouser" "Cousin Sal," posed as a downtown Kebabalicious employee. He gives one customer a Simon toy (remember those?) and asks her to tap out increasingly complex color combinations. She says, "I'm about to set this on the ground and jump on it," before Cousin Sal tells her he forgot her order.

Next, Cousin Sal attempts to give a sandwich returned by one customer to another because it is "exactly" what he just ordered. Cousin Sal refuses to give the man a new sandwich or a refund, and the customer flips his shit. At the end, of course, Sal reveals that he's on the Jimmy Kimmel hidden camera. Watch the full clip below.

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