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Mayor Criticizes the City's 'Complex' Permitting Process

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Austin mayor Lee Leffingwell spoke out today against the labyrinthine city permitting process, which has delayed many a restaurant opening in recent years. During the mayor's Reddit AMA today, user atxstudent asked the mayor what the city was doing to address the complicated code which "is making it harder for local businesses to strive and easier for more corporate chains to enter the market." The mayor issued the following reply:

Mea Culpa - Austin has made the permitting process much too complex and time consuming. We need to simplify our land development code, zoning, and permitting processes. We should encourage people to build and expand their businesses and not make it difficult for them. A comprehensive code revision that is part of Imagine Austin is now in progress.
Another Reddit user provided a link to the open letter written by the president of Dan's Hamburger's, which alleges that the cost of remodeling their Manchaca Road location was 'prohibitive' due to the city's permits and regulations.

Other AMA revelations include the fact that the mayor's favorite breakfast tacos come from Taco Shack or Taco Cabana. Oof.
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[Photo: The Lee Team/Twitter]