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Franklin Barbecue Meets Cronuts at SXSW 2014

[Photos: Veronica Meewes/EATX]

What happens when the men responsible for two of the most epic food lines in the country finally meet and talk shop? When Aaron Franklin met Dominique Ansel this weekend, Stacy Franklin dubbed it a "cromance." Customers wait for hours outside of nationally renowned Franklin Barbecue, and Dominique Ansel's most famous creation, the Cronut, has sparked a similar mania in New York. Ansel was in town for SXSW, and he offered to trade Cronuts for Franklin's brisket. Eater facilitated a meet-up between these two kings of the line.

Neither had tried each other's food before, and both men agreed that they would happily wait in line for it in the future. They nerded out over Franklin's brisket rub (just salt and pepper) and bonded over the fact that both of their ridiculously popular creations take a long time to make. One Franklin brisket requires 24 hours of preparation and cooking, and a Cronut takes three days.

Check out their epic cromance below, from first tastes of each other's food to downing cookie shots. And head on over to the Eater Mothership to behold the Franklin Barbecue Brisket DKA sandwich.

Ansel was at SXSW as part of a partnership with Allison + Partners. He served Cronuts and debuted the Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot at their Late Night Saloon party.
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