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First Look at Titaya's; Texas French Bread Ups Their Coffee Game; David Bull's Tuscan Dinner

NORTH LAMARTitaya's has not even been open a full day yet, and already the first looks are rolling in. Red Hot Vegans recaps their inaugural lunch at this most beloved and elusive of Thai restaurants. The post also features photos of the remodeled interior. [Red Hot Vegans]

CAMPUS — Speaking of classic restaurants reopening, Texas French Bread is up and running after their recent renovation. They also now have a new, fancier coffee program in the form of a La Marzocco espresso machine and coffee from Houndstooth's roaster Tweed. Their new kitchen is still waiting on final inspection approval, and they are hoping to have it up and running by Valentine's day. [Eaterwire]

DOWNTOWNThe Statesman reports that Congress chef David Bull will be hosting a series of Italian dinners in advance of his guided culinary tour of central Italy this summer. The first dinner will be held on February 27, featuring Bull's take on Tuscan classics. Tickets for the very limited event are $95 and can be reserved by calling 512-827-2760 or emailing the restaurant. [Statesman]
[Photo: Mike Lyons/Twitter]

Titaya's Thai Cuisine

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