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Where is Your SXSW Safe Refuge?

Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

Restaurants and bars and bars made of containers are throwing open their doors, the national media's Eye of Sauron is turning irresistibly toward Austin, and there's a Bitcoin ATM downtown. SXSW is almost here.

For many Austinites, SXSW is the biggest and funnest party of the year, but it's one long party. Whether it's reacquainting yourself with the delights of North and South Austin, noshing at an under-the-radar restaurant in the heart of the madness, or going to your favorite, gloriously quiet bar, everyone needs to take a break. Where is your SXSW safe refuge? Hit the comments or the tipline to make your case. The results, as always, will be fodder for a map.
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