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The Ranch Settles Stuffed Longhorn Head Injury Lawsuit

A longhorn head on The Ranch's wall.
A longhorn head on The Ranch's wall.
Photo: The Ranch/Official

West 6th bar The Ranch settled two injury lawsuits, including one involving a stuffed longhorn head, The Statesman reports. The settlement amounts are confidential, but a jury previously awarded longhorn injuree Aaron Asay $589,000 in damages. The Statesman's summary of the court documents reveals that claims included:

that the longhorn head was not mounted properly and that owners failed to "select and hire competent employees" capable of spotting potential risks to customers. Asay, according to the filing in Travis County District Court, "suffered severe personal injuries including physical pain, mental anguish, permanent bodily impairment, and physical disfigurement and will, with reasonable probability, continue to do so in the future by reason of the nature and severity of his injuries and disfigurement.
The Ranch also settled a separate lawsuit brought by a patron who claims he slid on a wet bathroom floor and fell on broken glass that "'punctured' his body, resulting in internal bleeding." The Ranch denied these claims, but settled the case "for nuisance value."
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