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Foxhole Culinary Tavern Coming Soon to Lakeline Area

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Photo: Foxhole/Facebook

A new restaurant serving "Texas-inspired American cuisine" and craft beer is slated to open near Cedar Park. Foxhole Culinary Tavern is opening in a space that once housed a Bennigan's according to eagle-eyed Chowhounders. On their website, Foxhole says:

Our goal is to create an inviting place to share great food and great moments with family and friends. Our wood-fired grill is an integral part of our Texas-inspired American cuisine, adding bold flavors to every dish. Foxhole believes in quality and community. Our seasonal menus are prepared largely with fresh farm to table products from local vendors.
No word on an opening date, but according to their Facebook page, they're looking to open "soon."
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Foxhole Culinary Tavern

13995 U.S. 183, Austin, Texas 78717