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East End Wines Corkage Fee, Explained; Austin's Worst Restaurants; Where to Drink Whiskey

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EAST SIDEEast End Wines has partnered with Raymond Tatum's trailer Three Little Pigs to allow patrons to drink wine on their patio while enjoying his food. They charge a $7 corkage fee, and in this blog post explain where, exactly, those $7 go. [Eaterwire]

REDDITWIRE — An r/Austin thread on Austin's worst restaurants has gotten seriously epic, with over 160 comments. Perfect timing for SXSW listicle season. [Reddit]

WHISKEYWIRE — Speaking of listicles, Thrillist rounds up the best bars in town for drinking whiskey. Their list skews decidedly high-end, with perennial favorites like drink.well, Bar Congress, Peche and more getting nods. [Thrillist]

East End Wines / Three Little Pigs

1209 Rosewood Ave., Austin, Texas 78702