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HandleBar's Bitcoin ATM is Easy to Use, Useless

Photo: HandleBar/Facebook

HandleBar's new Bitcoin ATM is surprisingly easy to use, and also fairly useless. The Daily Dot recounts the step-by-step experience of withdrawing funds from the Robocoin Bitcoin ATM that now resides at the downtown bar. The process of registering an account and withdrawing bitcoin took "about seven minutes" and required "zero technical knowledge." Unfortunately, spending the bitcoin is more difficult:

Naturally, being inside a bar, I immediately attempted to use my newly acquired virtual currency to buy a beer. But, ironically, the first bar to host a Bitcoin ATM doesn't actually accept Bitcoins—though Handlebar does say its working on upgrading its payment systems to accept the currency as soon as possible.
The article notes that very few places in Austin accept bitcoin, but nevertheless, another Robocoin ATM is coming to "a local coffee shop" during SXSW. Tipsters, do let Eater know where it lands.
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121 E 5th St, Austin, Texas 78701