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The Chronicle Mongers Cirkiel's Airport Boulevard Plans

In today's Food-o-File, Virginia Wood discusses the rumors of a new Shawn Cirkiel restaurant on Airport Boulevard. Wood credits the rumor to "local rumor mills" which demonstrate "how eager the young hipster crowd is to follow even the slightest whiff of the future." Eater has no idea who Wood is referring to, but she provides the following comment from Cirkiel:

[Cirkiel] issued his standard "I don't comment on rumors or gossip," but did allow that it's much more likely that his group is looking for a central location for offices for the company's various restaurant interests.
Documents provided to Eater by neighborhood tipsters indicate that the Airport project, called 'Bullfight,' is intended to be a restaurant, and that superstar restaurant architect Michael Hsu is involved. That said, the site is still going through the approval process with the city, so at this point all plans are theoretical.
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