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Annoying SXSW Ad Offers $15/hour to Wait for Franklin

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Photo: Raymond Thompson/EATX

Austinist highlights a Craigslist posting offering $15/hour to wait in line for Franklin Barbecue during SXSW. Entitled "Let Your New Best Friends Buy You Lunch!" these generous folks call themselves "assholes" and invite their designated line-waiter

to sit down with us, let us buy you a meal, and have you regale us with stories about how Ryan Gosling once paid you to wait in line for an ice cream cone at Fun Fun Fun Fest. And how you did it for free. Well for a selfie with him, but basically for free.
Professional line-standers of Austin: now is the time to band together and organize. No one should wait in line during SXSW for anything under $20/hour, and any posting condescendingly demanding local color surely calls for a minimum hourly rate of $30. If, you know, it's not just some elaborate spoof.

Update! The original posting is apparently getting flagged, but here's a new link. The posters insist: "THIS IS NOT A HOAX. WE WANT BBQ"
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Franklin Barbecue

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