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Salt & Time is Serving up Heart; Taco Cabana, Listicled; Cute Culinary Couples

BLACK FRIDAY, OFFAL EDITION — Perhaps you would like to celebrate this darkest of all days by consuming the literal organ which is usually represented in candy form? Salt and Time has not one but three different types of heart on special. [Eaterwire]

TACOWIREThrillist listicles "14 Things You Didn't Know About Taco Cabana." Such things include "they are open 24 hours in part due to a furniture theft" and "the best item is definitely the Cabana Bowl." [Thrillist]

BLACK FRIDAY, INDUSTRY EDITION — Not completely burned out on lovey dovey cuteness? Zagat rounds up eight "cute culinary couples," including pastry royalty Callie and Phillip Speer and East Side monarchs Paul Qui and Deana Saukam. [Zagat]
[Photo: Salt and Time/Instagram]

Salt and Time

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