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Amy's Makes A Terrifying Amount of Chocolate-Covered Strawberries; Building The Hightower; Stylin' Servers

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VIDEO INTERLUDE ONEThe Statesman investigates how Amy's Ice Creams dips 130,000 strawberries in chocolate for Black Friday. The answer: it's multi-stage process that's a crapload of work. [Statesman]

VIDEO INTERLUDE TWO — Speaking of craploads of work, filmmaker Paul Toohey created a short video that follows The Hightower crew's renovation and menu development as they prepared to open their new restaurant on East 7th. Aspiring restauranteurs should watch right now. [Eaterwire]

SERVER STYLE — Also as a part of their Food Issue, The Chronicle highlights some of Austin's most stylish servers. Justine's, Uchiko, Contigo, as well as several more casual spots around town get nods. [Chronicle]

The Hightower

1209 E 7th St, Austin, Texas 78702