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Five Things to Know About Austin Monthly's New Food Critic

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There's a new restaurant critic in town.

Last week Austin Monthly announced the hiring of its very first official food critic: Jolène M. Bouchon, a previous freelancer for the magazine who's also done time at Martha Stewart publication Everyday Food and as an editor for Epicurious. (Attention fellow Austin food writers: Time to start memorizing the keyboard shortcut for the "è.")

Now, the magazine has posted a brief Q&A to get readers acquainted with the city's newest critic. Below, some highlights:

  • Bouchon will be reviewing one restaurant per month and, as is traditional for food critics, will dine anonymously. Stay tuned for her first review in the January issue, which will hit newsstands and mailboxes later this month.
  • On her background: Bouchon grew up in New Orleans surrounded by the city's "incredibly food-obsessed culture."
  • On her favorite restaurants of the year: Dai Due and Thai-Kun, with an honorable mention for the not-so-new but nonetheless craveable Ramen Tatsu-ya.
  • On food trends: She says "[her] favorites are inevitably ingredient based," mentioning oh-so-trendy Brussels sprouts. (Perhaps subscribers can look forward to reading Bouchon's thoughts on kale in an upcoming issue?)
  • On the best things about the city's food scene: "All the different ethnic cuisines Austin has to offer." She credits Chapli Kebabs ‘n’ Curries for educating her on Afghani food.