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Torchy's Tacos Website Now Only Displaying in Russian; Fire at China Star

Plus, Quality Seafood launches a food truck.

Quality Seafood's Truck
Quality Seafood's Truck
Quality Seafood/Facebook

DAMN GOOD Torchy's Tacos website appears to be populating only with tweets in Russian at the moment. Their reaction to a potential hack? "We'll just assume this means Russia wants tacos." [Eaterwire]

FIRESChina Star in Northeast Austin was the victim of a kitchen fire earlier today. Inspectors estimate the fire, caused by "failure of cooking equipment," caused over $300,000 in damage. [Statesman]

FOOD TRUCK ALERTQuality Seafood is rolling out a food truck. According to Facebook, the truck serves breakfast and is available for catering. [Eaterwire]