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East Side King Mega-Hit Thai Kun to Go Brick & Mortar at The Domain

The previously planned Domain location of Paul Qui's casual mini-chain will be the first brick and mortar Thai Kun.

East Side King Thai Kun
East Side King Thai Kun

East Side King's killer new concept Thai Kun will go brick and mortar at The Domain, according to The Statesman. East Side King signed a lease at The Domain earlier this year; it's unclear if that location will be a Thai Kun, or if a "regular" East Side King is planned for the fancy mall compound as well Update! Deana Saukam confirms the previously planned Domain ESK will now be a Thai Kun. The original Thai Kun trailer reopens today in its new home at Whislers.

Matthew Odam also mongers the rumor of "other popular Austin restaurant brands heading toward the Domain," too. Know any details? Hit the tipline.