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East Austin Bistro Mettle Inexplicably Introduces a Mimosa For Men

The restaurant claims gin makes bubbles safe for dudes.

Mettle's Blackberry Resolution
Mettle's Blackberry Resolution

Today in unnecessary booze gendering: Bridget Dunlap's East 6th restaurant Mettle created a mimosa geared towards men because it contains "masculine" gin. According to Zagat:

East Austin upscale bistro Mettle has created the Blackberry Resolution to "make every man feel comfortable about drinking gin and bubbles." It's in the style of the Manmosa, a "manly" version of a "girly" drink (i.e., champagne, fruit).

What makes it manly? The cocktail adds Nolet silver dry gin, an apparently masculine liquor with notes of spicy saffron and verbena, to lemon and lime juice, blackberry simple syrup, and a topper of Moet Imperial Reserve Cuvee and a sage leaf

The concept of the "manmosa" isn't new -- Banger's offers a giant one liter liver-killer at their brunch, for instance. More than anything else, the existence of the manmosa suggests a deep yearning on the part of brunching males for sweet, sweet juice and champagne. Here's a Brunch Booze Resolution for men in 2015: if you want to drink away your hangover with a mimosa, don't wait for someone to slap "man" on the menu -- just order one already.

Mettle [Closed]

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