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New Casual Airport Boulevard Restaurant Sala & Betty to Open January 2015

The Chronicle has an update on the project from former Aquarelle chef Teresa Wilson.

Sala and Betty's Plywood Patio
Sala and Betty's Plywood Patio
Sala and Betty/Facebook

The latest restaurant to join the Airport Boulevard boom is Sala and Betty, which takes over the former Stallion Grill space at 5201 Airport. Helmed by chef Teresa Wilson of much-missed French restaurant Aquarelle, the restaurant will open "in stages" according to The Chronicle:

Sala and Betty (5201 Airport) chef/owner Teresa Wilson says she's planning a three-tiered opening strategy - offering the drive-through menu to eat in or take out in mid-January, then progressing to the dine-in lunch menu after a couple of weeks, and finally the addition of dinner service after about the first month.

According to the restaurant's Facebook page, Sala and Betty will be a "family restaurant" focused on local sourcing. This week's Food-o-File also notes that nearby Vietnamese project Bun Belly will open in early 2015 as well.