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The Early Word on Asian-Southern Fusion The Peached Tortilla

Read on for the good and bad news on the restaurant’s take on Asian and Southern cuisine, knowledgeable servers, and the woes of finagling the small parking lot.

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The Peached Tortilla
The Peached Tortilla
Robert J Lerma/EATX
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

The Peached Tortilla’s owner Eric Silverstein, the man behind the mega-popular food truck, finally opened his brick and mortar finally opened up earlier this month up in Allandale. The much welcomed chic new space on Burnet Road features an expanded menu including old favorites and a full bar. Read on for the early word.

The food — The mix of the food truck menu along with newer items did the trick for most Yelpers. Yelper Jay C. is a complete fan: "Everything is pretty much amazing. All you need to know." Yelper Sarah M. was delightly blown away by most of the menu, especially the loaded bacon jam fries, which were "sprinkled with bacon, as if an adorable little bacon rain cloud visited this plate." She went on to add, "you weep tears of weepy joy as you enjoy the fries+bacon+egg+mayo. #glorious." Though, for others, those trailer dishes didn’t translate exactly the same way. Yelper Anye F. said of her Japajam Burger that she once had during Eric Silverstein's Yume Burger days: "It was nowhere the taste explosion I remembered. So much sadness." She went on to add: "This should not dissuade you from trying it - it is still good - but it wasn't the mind blowing almost as good as sex experience I recalled."

The service — The staff was helpful and attentive to diners. Yelper Rose C. said, "All the servers were exceptionally friendly in that genuine, unpretentious way that is so characteristic of Austin." Yelper Lauren S. added, "Our waiter described each dish as it came out (which is a nice touch I see mostly at more expensive restaurants, and sets a great tone for enjoying your food), and genuinely asked for feedback."

The atmosphereChowhounder Luxint noticed that Peached Tortilla’s motif looked similar to Momofuku's David Chang empire, but thought that "Peached was a lot better than DC's places which I'm not impressed with." Of the decor, Yelper Claire A. said, "It's nice and cozy and has an interesting vibe with black and white photography, a swank bar with mismatched lights, and a sweet portrait of Ladybird Johnson that our waiter said was commissioned in China." Yelper Liz B. didn’t appreciate the lack of a waiting space or location of the outdoor seating, which to her "felt like you were sitting in the parking lot." The noise levels bothered other guests. Yelper Justin R. said, "The restaurant space is quaint, clean and decorated well BUT... IT'S SO LOUD!" Yelper Christine C. agreed with him: "Minus one star for the loud building. I know they just opened, so I'm hoping they'll get their sound deadening in order eventually."

The price — While everyone enjoyed the food, some people weren't too happy with their bills. Yelper Liz B. thought the menu was priced too high: "With drinks and dinner, however, our total bill was around $75, which I feel is overpriced for what we ordered." Yelper Heather A. ordered three tacos and said, "they were pretty good, I don't know if they were worth $12." While Yelper Alex M. enjoyed the cocktails, she "wish[ed] they were a tad cheaper (we spent more on drinks than food) but I suppose that's the way to a nice profit margin."

The parking — The tiny parking lot behind the building that houses both The Peached Tortilla and Taco Flats presented problems for diners. Yelper Alex M. warned people, "Be VERY careful, it's two way, narrow, and used by your fellow diners." Yelper Joy W. agreed, "Parking is a pain - the restaurant is way too popular for that tiny lot."

The Peached Tortilla

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