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Sexified Los Angeles Food Truck Baby's Badass Burgers Invades Austin

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Yes, there will be Burger Babes.

Baby's Badass Burgers
Baby's Badass Burgers

The Austin food truck scene is not exactly known for its sex appeal, especially in the sweaty summer months, but that won't stop one L.A. chain. Baby's Badass Burgers is expanding to Austin according to a Craigslist posting. They're currently hiring both cooks and "burger babes." Said babes will wear heels and booty shorts while slinging burgers with tongue-in-cheek names like "The Cougar."

The burger pin-up food truck was launched by restauranteur Erica Cohen and event planner Lori Barbera, and currently has locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas and Jacksonville. Perhaps before Baby's 2015 launch, Bikini's owner Doug Guller should preemptively trademark "breastatruck."