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Freedmen's Goes 'Farm-to-Pit', Sets Up Shop at Farmers Market

Think boudin-stuffed Lockhart quail and local goat sausage.

Freedmen's is going local at the farmers market.
Freedmen's is going local at the farmers market.

Acclaimed campus-area barbecue destination Freedmen's is going local. Pitmaster Evan LeRoy gives the lowdown on his newest venture, which launches next month:

Beginning January 3, 2015, Freedmen's will serve local smoked meats and market driven sides at the SFC Farmer's Market Downtown every Saturday from 9am-1pm. Freedmen's at the Market will take traditional Texas barbecue techniques and apply them to the best quality local meats and veggies available. The West Campus barbecue restaurant will offer three different farm-to-pit meats by the pound as well as three sides. While you might not find brisket, pork spare ribs, and sausage every week, the featured menu items will change monthly showcasing a variety of local purveyors.

Below, a look at the first Freedmen's menu for the farmers market:

January's Menu:

Local meats:
Richardson Farm Pork Belly $25/lb
Boudin Stuffed Lockhart Quail $12/each
Windy Hill Goat Sausage $16/lb

Local sides: $5/each
Honey Bourbon Whipped Sweet Potatoes (Thomas Kindle)
Smoked Creamed Corn (J&B Farms)
Apple Cole Slaw (J&B Farms)

Smoky Mexican Hot Chocolate $3

Freedmen's Provisions:
BBQ Sauce: $5
Pickles $5
Brisket Chocolate Chip Cookies $5
Smoked Banana Pudding $6


2402 San Gabriel Street, , TX 78705 (512) 220-0953 Visit Website