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Campus Vegetarian Favorite Veggie Heaven is Closing Up Shop

The vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurant will shutter on December 22.

Prepare to say goodbye to Veggie Heaven.
Prepare to say goodbye to Veggie Heaven.
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Unfortunate news for the loyal customers who frequented Veggie Heaven: The campus-area restaurant is shuttering on December 22. According to Austin 360, "the owner, Mrs. Chen, is retiring from operating the restaurant that has been in business on Guadalupe Street since 1998." That gives fans about a week and a half to get over there for a final meal of vegan steamed buns, the futuristically-named "Protein 2000" and coconut bubble tea.

Veggie Heaven [Closed]

1914 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705 (512) 457-1013 Visit Website