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Hops & Grain Craft Brewery to Fuel Beer Mile Runners With Special Spicy Brew [Updated]

Just try to keep it down while jogging.

Hops & Grain Beer Board
Hops & Grain Beer Board
Hops & Grain

"Perfect for chugging on a track" isn't the normal description you'd see on a beer can, but Hops & Grain owner Josh Hare thinks runners in the upcoming Beer Mile World Championships will enjoy his latest creation. The Austin Chronicle has a rundown (pun intended) of the event, including the history and rules of the Beer Mile — basically, participants must chug a 5% ABV (or higher) brew for every lap, equalling four cans in a mile.

Brewery owner Hare is also a runner, so he created a "
German-style blond ale" with "a spicy hop character and a clean, crisp finish" specifically for the boozy track meet on Wednesday, December 3. If you're not participating, you can still enjoy the Hops & Grain creation from the stands as you witness the spirit-fueled sprinting. The championship starts at 5:00 p.m. at 3100 Hargrave St. this Wednesday.

UPDATE: The race will now take place at Circuit of the Americas.