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More Details on Possible Saxon Pub Move to Mixed Use Project

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Updates on the potential moving of the classic Austin music venue to a luxury development.

Saxon Pub
Saxon Pub
Saxon Pub/Facebook

1990s South Austin icon Saxon Pub might move over to St. Elmo’s Market and Lofts, a new mixed use project development near South Congress, as the Austin Business Journal reported last week. The deal with GroundFloor Development, the company behind the project, isn’t complete yet, but Saxon Pub owner Joe Ables told Eater Austin last week that they’re entering into "serious discussions" now. He added that it wouldn’t come to fruition for three or four years. The rezoning of the industrial area to be developed for St. Elmo’s was approved by City Council last week, allowing for the development to include a public market, hotel, and condos, as well as a music venue, which could potentially be Saxon Pub.

"I wasn’t looking for anything," Ables explained. "I just keep my eyes and ears open because it’s changing so much." While he has concerns about the massive amounts of construction and traffic at Saxon’s current location, the venue would be fine if it remained on South Lamar. To help with the current parking problems surrounding construction, Saxon just added an affordable valet option. If the move did happen, the South Lamar space wouldn’t go unused. It would become a listening room with a different name to avoid any potential confusion, according to Ables.

There are still several years left on the Saxon Pub’s lease, but Ables welcomed the chance to create his own music venue from scratch in a brand new location. When asked about concerns about joining an upscale project, Ables answered, "I would certainly try to keep it as South Austin as I can." He continued, "The deal with these kinds of things is a long way off. We’ll see what happens."

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