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White Horse Owner Posts Hilarious Open Letter to Reality TV Show Producers

Sure, they would LOVE to star in a new show.

White Horse Happy Hour
White Horse Happy Hour

After the White Horse's explosion-heavy happy hour ad went viral, an unnamed company approached the Lynchian honky tonk's owners about potentially starring in a reality TV show. Co-owner Nathan Hill posted an amazing open letter on Facebook, stating despite juggling several new bar projects, they are only happy to oblige:

I can't count how many times Denis and I have been hanging out at the bar after hours, smoking medicinal DMT, and talking about how great it would be to get back to our roots, and I wonder if reality TV is just the way to chronicle our return. Denis actually used to be a top contender in the high stakes underground international competitive male belly dancing scene. Unfortunately he witnessed his close friend and sensei killed at the notoriously deadly Bangkok Belly Dance-Off games of '86. Instead of vengeance, Denis had sworn off competitive belly dancing. Until now. Now that competitive male belly dancing has made a comeback into the mainstream, he has his chance to make his sensei proud. I'm thinking a sponsorship by Popeye's fried chicken and maybe bringing back Hi-C Ecto Cooler re-labeled as a sports energy drink.

Head on over to their Facebook page to read the full missive, jam-packed with television gold.

The White Horse

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