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Denver-Based Winery And Local Brewery Both Nab New Spaces in Austin

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Guns & Oil will set up shop in the former Cothron's Safe & Lock building on East 4th.

Guns & Oil and Infinite Monkey
Guns & Oil and Infinite Monkey

An urban winery from Denver and another craft brewery for East Austin are the latest additions to the booming booze scene within the city limits, according to The Austin Business Journal. Craft brewer Guns & Oil (because Texas?) will take over the former Cothron's Safe & Lock space on East 4th:

The craft brewer has been rolling out its product to restaurants and retailers since August 2013, but the manufacturing has been handled in New Mexico. Now the company will operate in a storefront near downtown with a tasting room and the opportunity to grow the brand.

Meanwhile, Infinite Monkey Theorum Winery will open an Austin branch at 121 Pickle Road, near South Congress and Ben White:

At the onset many of the wines featured will come from the Denver operation but eventually Texas harvested grapes will take center stage. Parsons is familiar with Texas grapes, having used them for making some of the blends in Denver.

"Our no pretense, no vineyard approach bringing wines to the masses will appeal to the counter culture of this city," Parsons said in a statement. "The Infinite Monkey Theorem will definitely play its role to (keep) Austin weird."