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The Early Word on Burnet Road's Newest Taco Contender Taco Flats

Read on for the good and bad news on tacos, tequila, and reviving a classic name.

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Taco Flats
Taco Flats
Jessica Attie/EATX

The ever-escalating Burnet Road taco wars heated up recently with the opening of Taco Flats. The legendary hippie dive was reborn as a bar focused on handmade tortillas, craft cocktails, and decent beer. Owner Simon Madera received the blessing of the former owners to resurrect the name, and the bar is now open for lunch, brunch, dinner, and late night.

Taco Flats 2

The Atmosphere News: Blogger Hungry Girl Austin digs the decor: "They've carefully integrated the nostalgia of the old Taco Flats and introduced more modern touches, giving the place a clean look and feel yet conveying an inviting ambiance that will make you want to eat, drink some beers and watch some football." Meanwhile, Yelper Kristine F. is mildly confused by at least one design element: "We sat at one of the tables against the wall and I am going to say that the concept of these tables is super strange, but nothing to remove a star about." Another Yelper notes: " definitely more of a bar than a restaurant."

The Tacos News: Most early worders are super-into their tacos, served on handmade tortillas. One Yelper says, "The migas taco was money and the green salsa was nice and spicy." Another Yelper goes nuts for the pollo asado taco "on a HOMEMADE flour tortilla, made with grilled chicken breast, seasoned cabbage, pico de gallo, sliced avocado, queso fresco . . .  the ingredients were so fresh and simple!" Yelper Marnie L. is the dissenting vote: "The al pastor was okay as well- taco deli is better - I don't get the green sauce being served with it though." Another Yelper had the opposite experience: "Perfectly caramelized marinated beef fajita tacos on housemade corn tortillas served with a hot sauce . I felt like the dude on ratatouille who tasted his childhood from the rat chef lol." Yelper Tricia D. gets to the point: "everything was fresh, perfect temperature, and of course delicious. Fork & Taco should be afraid - very afraid."

The Drinks News: One Yelper sums up the booze situation thusly: "The head bartender was not there, but if you like the sort of $8-10 drinks you would get at the Highball or Midnight Cowboy (think "reinvented" Moscow Mules, etc.) then you'll be happy here.  If you just want a simple local beer, or glass of wine, you can get that too." Yelper Kristine F. adds, " I had the AGAVE OLD FASHIONED which is made with reposado tequila, smoky mezcal, honey, and mole bitters. If you love smoke, you should be drinking this. It was AMAZING. I could have drank at least two more if they weren't $10."

The Legacy News: Taco Flats was previously a legendary dive in town, and its fancier revival raised some eyebrowsBlogger Hungry Girl notes owner Simon Madera was focused on the neighborhood: "He started doing research by asking repeat customers at his liquor store at The Triangle about their families and he heard stories about the neighborhood.  One of his customers that now lives in Dallas. . . told him about Taco Flats in the 70's, and the seed was planted." A Yelper sums up the issue: "If you're the kind of person seeing a new place with an old name, betwixt a set of condos and a "Hey Cupcake!", and then romanticizes that it will be a true reincarnation of a historically relevant 70's dive bar...Well, I can't help ya.  But if you just want to hang out at your neighborhood bar (with a FULL BAR) . . . then you'll probably be happy at Taco Flats."