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Beloved Campus Landmark Players to Shutter Officially November 23

Time to grab one last burger.


Late night and post-game burger destination Players has set a date for their shutter: November 23, according to CultureMap. The restaurant recently released a heartfelt goodbye note on their website:

Players was established in 1981 and rode that wave all the way to 2014. That equals 33 years, which breaks down to 1,716 weeks, which churns out 12,045 days. That time frame also translates to beautiful memories. UT students from the 80's have been able to pass on the tradition and show their kids where to grab a burger before kickoff. Engagements to be married have taken place in the dining room as well as a wedding in the beer garden This incredible voyage wouldn't have been possible without our customers. Thank you to all the University of Texas students and faculty, past and present.

The University of Texas acquired the plot of land Players stands on in 2012, and has now terminated the restaurant's lease.