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Restaurant Jezebel Remains Open, But Space is Up For Lease

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A previously version of this story erroneously reported the restaurant was shuttered.

Restaurant Jezebel
Restaurant Jezebel
Patrick Michels/EATX

Update! A tweet from Matthew Odam and a call to the restaurant confirms Jezebel remains open for now, but both the Jezebel and Tapasitas spaces are up for lease, according to real estate broker Michele Gary. A "changing of the guard" could come in next few months.

The resurrected Restaurant Jezebel, one of Austin's most expensive restaurants, has reportedly shuttered on West 6th. Blogger Mike Sutter tweeted out Jezebel was shuttered, and commercial real estate agent Michele Gary confirms via email that the full space (both Tapasitas + Jezebel) is for lease with "strong interest from ideal restaurants."

Restaurant Jezebel opened in October of 2012 with an eyebrow-raising jacket requirement for men and a tasting menu designed to around diner's preferences. Reviews were mixed, and the adjacent Bar Mirabeau was reconnected as Tapasitas before shuttering earlier this fall. Vora's original Restaurant Jezebel was a victim of a fire in 2010. Now-shuttered Jezebel is scheduled to appear on Bravo's new TV series Best New Restaurant, which premieres in January.