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Kung Fu Saloon Employee Charged With Assaulting Patron

The victim was left in critical condition and required brain surgery.

Kung Fu Saloon
Kung Fu Saloon
Kung Fu Saloon/Facebook

A patron was a victim of a brutal assault at Austin's Kung Fu Saloon earlier this month, and one of the bar's employees has been charged with the crime. According to KVUE, San Antonio resident Joey O'Hare was attacked when leaving Kung Fu Saloon on November 16:

As they left through the patio just after 10 p.m., an attacker - a man a lawsuit identifies as possibly a bar employee - slammed Joey's head to the ground. His friend Adriana Chavez didn't see exactly what happened, only the aftermath.

"When we went outside, I saw him on the floor in a puddle of blood," said Chavez.

Within a couple hours of his arrival at Brackenridge Hospital, O'Hare was in the operating room for brain surgery.

KXAN reports a warrant has been issued for the employee accused of the assault:

Robert Camillone, 24, faces a second degree felony charge of aggravated assault following the Nov. 11 incident at the bar.

According to the affidavit for his arrest, the bar's security cameras show Camillone grabbing Joseph Ohare and wraps his arms around Ohare's neck. The affidavit says Ohare goes limp, indicating he's unconscious and "dropped on his face by Robert Camillone."

The arcade-themed bar has branches in Dallas and Houston as well as Austin. Kung Fu Saloon has previously been at the center of controversy after being accused of enforcing racist dress code policies in both their Dallas and Austin outposts.

(H/t to Reddit)