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South Austin Icon Saxon Pub Could Relocate to Massive New Mixed Use Development

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A proposed project on St. Elmo includes condos, a public market, and a hotel.

The Saxon Pub
The Saxon Pub
Saxon Pub/Facebook

One of South Austin's best known bars and music venues could be moving further south. The Austin Business Journal reports The Saxon Pub, a South Lamar institution open since 1990, could relocate to the Saint Elmo Public Market, a mixed-use development potentially in the works on St. Elmo Road. City council recently approved a zoning change to pave way for the development, which would include condos, a large public market "on par with Pike Place in Seattle or Quincy Market in Boston," and eventually a boutique hotel. While The Saxon Pub is not confirmed for the project, owner Joe Ables was involved in the rezoning push. The details from the ABJ:

As for the potential Saxon Pub relocation, Bolin said an earlier article in the Austin Business Journal about St. Elmo's Market was forwarded to Saxon Pub owner Joe Ables.

"He got a hold of me and said it was a 'hell of a project,'" Bolin said.

Ables also wrote a letter dated Oct. 10 to the mayor and council supporting the project, ending with the statement, "Please vote to keep Austin eclectic and the Live Music Capital City of the World."

Though the deal has yet to be signed, Bolin is optimistic Saxon Pub will be included.

"Joe is totally committed," he said.